Art of the Web (DSGN 234)

Week 2

01/25 – 01/27

Wednesday, In Class


  • Download the Figma desktop app and font installer
  • Watch Getting Started with Figma
  • Using Figma, sketch out 3 different visual directions for all the pages of your News Room story. Thinking through how the story will develop through your content, and what unifying factors will tie it together.
  • Project is due Monday 02/09

Monday, In Class

  • Zoom link
  • Today’s Notes
  • Zoe presents on Olia Lialina and we discuss
  • HTML intro.
  • Goals of a critique, Slack critique of Hello World gifs in small groups
  • Watch lecture Cyberspace Origins (Find it on Canvas under Modules)
  • Introduce project News Room


  • Be ready to discuss the lecture on Wednesday
  • Reading: A Handmade Web – J.R. Carpenter, Ashley is going to present and everyone else writes a comment/question.
  • Create a PDF that highlights three different story ideas for your news room project. For each one, describe the current event (doesn’t need to be news), your interest in it, and a few examples of either your reaction or other people’s reaction to the story