Art of the Web (DSGN 234)

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Graphic design and journalism have an interesting relationship, especially as news have become increasingly more visual and distributed online. The way we consume is no longer dependent on a single source – news come to us in Tweets, in memes, and of course, on news sites. As graphic designers, we have the opportunity to visualize current events and help shape what is shared and remembered.

For this project, pick a current event that you’re interested in. First study it, and then create a website that highlights your reaction to the event through a series of hyperlinks and mixed media.

Create a set of at least 10 links that work together to highlight your reaction to the event. Each page should have a different type of content ranging from text, imagery, or embedded content. While each asset should feel unique, all of the pages should feel like part of the same collection. Use the news story as a jumping off point and create a stream of consciousness exploration on the topic – similar to getting lost in a series of Google searches.


  • Try to think past the obvious associations with the event and think about how your series offers a different perspective that only you have to offer.
  • Consider formal qualities and techniques that can help unify the imagery and content (color, photographic treatment, size, crop, content)
  • How should the links be organized on the website? Is there consistent navigation? How does the impact change when you can see the entire collection right away vs. one at a time?
  • Do your images speak for themselves or do they need additional content? Consider adding captions and a title for additional context.


  • HTML (CSS optional)
  • At least 10 pages

Learning Goals

  • Develop a narrative through mixed media
  • Think through website organization
  • Familiarize ourselves with HTML

Suggested Reading

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