Art of the Web (DSGN 234)

Week 12

04/05 – 04/07

Wednesday, In Class


  • No class on Monday
  • Helpful App – Interview is due on 04/14. Be ready to share highlights from your interview and how you might think through your project.
  • Continue working on your Helpful App. By next week you should have a firm idea on what your project is about and the contents, and you should have started exploring the visual language in more detail
  • Listen to New Ways of Seeing Episode 3: Digital Justice Ellie is the discussion leader, everyone else responds here.

Monday, In Class

  • Zoom link
  • Today’s notes
  • Hear from Brian about Black Gooey Universe and we discuss.
  • Discuss documenting interactive work and introduce final final project
  • Small group check ins about Helpful App/Website


  • Based on today’s feedback continue working on your Helpful App. You can either refine the visual language, or create a more detailed wireframe, focusing on navigation and hierarchy.
  • Complete your jQuery clock activity for Wednesday